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You are being told to improve performance and "fix IT."

Is this day 1 for you? Congratulations. Your 100 days start now. if you are already in the job for a while, you know where the bodies are buried.  But there is a new wind blowing through the company. perhaps because of financial incentives, or because the last audit left something to be desired. or clients are signalling that they do not like some aspect of your service.

In any case, your (new) CEO has given you clear marching orders: you need to improve the performance of your IT department. And the CFO wants a better cost/income ratio.

Our Digital Transformation Experience starts from the premise that you are in charge of the IT of an airline. You bring your Management Team along.

What are you going to do?

Our experience brings a real-life scenario, played out over 1 year, that shows you the drivers and levers you can use to improve your company's IT department. Experience the impact of frameworks like Agile, ITIL, Value Stream Mapping, Micrososervices and more.

Digital Transformation eXperience Intercative (DTX-i) is our simulation environment. You can explore it using a web browser from the comfort of your own office or home.

You must analyse data points and work your way through a number of actions within the IT enterprise, so that your business performance improves.

Our simulated scenario improves the way participants make tactical (and some strategic) choices they face when working within an organization.

It is one thing to learn about transformation and how to manage an IT deprtment, it is quite another to actually do it based on real-life directives.

tymans group dtx-i


You are in the hot seat.

Or should we say the cold seat? In our simulation your are working for an airline that is not doing so well. You are ranked 250/250 (that's last place.) Too many empty seats on the planes, lots of incidents and a CEO and CFO that are not happy.

Your job, should you accept this assignment, is to bring your airline higher in the league tables, using your IT Operations and Development prowess.

Your aim, as a transformation director is:

  • Improve delivery of new and existing services for Global Air
  • Implement the right strategies that include elements of service management and dvops
  • Bring your airline into the top 50 airlines on teh leaderboard (right now, you're at position 250)

How do we measure, By operating margin.

How do your work this? by getting the right reports at the right time and by taking the right decisions.

Is this only for airlines, then? No. Every sector and company benefits.

We chose the airline industry because of the advanced digital transformation that has already happened. Just take a look at this customer journey.

This customer journey is really about travel as a whole. The customer expects a seamless journey throughout every aspect of their booking. be it hotel, airplane, cars, taxi, you name it. The experience at the airline is probably front and center. I mean, without a ticket, which may even be the most or second-most expensive item, this vacation is either going to happen or not.

To top it off, you will be rated via a myriad of sites and systems.

Your customer journey is probably not that different when you think about it. And if it is, reflect on how long it will be before it will be the same. Or, even, if you may have missed the larger picture.

Your area or sector or company will benefit from this system, because, using the airline industry as an example, our simulation makes you think about the processes, disconnected from any specific issues or political situations or company related tangents that can act as distractions.

The point of our thought process is to make you recognize the levers you can pull within your own company.

The airline allegory allows you to pull away from the day to day issues and cares, and focus on the processes and levers that will allow you to manage and influence your company.

Apply our DTX to your company.

Operations and development work hand-in-hand.

It used to be that some frameworks were really "corsets." It may look good, but the reality is that is a forced shape. And forced whatever is not a structural solution to anything.

I'm happy to see that both Itil4 and Cobit 2019 let go of the "management by checklist" approach. Both frameworks now really have a value-add to the company. And they are based on what you as a company really needs at this point.

In the first part of the session we focus on IT stabilization. The second part is all about creating new value opportunities through new development methodologies.

We take the concepts we learned in the quarters and then discuss how they can be applied to your company.

Of course, there will be push-back. "This cannot work in our company because..." We take time to voice these discussions and dig deeper. Sometimes these conversations can get heated, but that is perfectly ok. Our sessions are safe spaces.


The whole session starts at €3,500 (ex VAT)

This includes:

  • Pre-briefing.
  • The half-day virtual session itself. It can be in the morning, afternoon or even after-hours or in the weekend.
  • Up to ten participants per company.
  • Post-briefing.

Custom pricing is available, including with dual experts, suited to your needs.


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