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And who is Tymans Group?

Gert has over 30 years of IT operations and IT Risk management experience, backed by ISACA certification and signed client documentation.
Clients typically sign us up for a first job, and we end up being friends.
When you work with Tymans Group, we take care of you.

Get this scenario: you are told to...

  • Reach certain revenue or budget targets
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations
  • Execute projects on time
  • Maintain reputation as a business leader, and maintain accountability
  • Make sure that the Department heads run their area as a business
  • Maintain the reputation of the organization as a whole within the industry

But there is this "thing" that is nagging you...

  • Are you spending too much time managing internal and external partners?
  • You don't have a clear technology direction?
  • You're not clear on how to maintain compliance?
  • You feel a lack of leadership, mentoring and coaching for your technology leaders and staff?
  • Do you feel that you are unable to effectively oversee technology projects because of too many "unknowns"?
  • You are presented with options that you feel are not sufficiently researched
  • You feel that costs are spiralling or are insufficiently controlled, especially within OpEx.
  • You feel that the leadership may benefit from mentoring and coaching
  • You feel that you cannot convey the true value of IT investments to stakeholders.

Does that sound about right, or are there some other items?

You want specific answers, not fluffy platitudes, but real stuff like:

  • strategies and implementation tactics that are proven in the field
  • summaries of actions taken to resolve issues and (known) problems
  • progress on actual implementations
  • reports on actually held leadership mentoring and coaching
  • reports on actually held mentoring sessions held with staff to progress towards ownership

We believe that you want the best for your people, for your clients, and yes, also your shareholders.

It is my personal belief that you should be better off than before we met, regardless if you become a client or not.

I have three ways we can work together: 

  • Personal consulting.
  • Online Guides (they come with some personal consulting if you want)
    My guides are simple to follow, so that you can sleep better at night, assured that you provide the best IT service to your people and your clients. Start here
  • Full access to Infotech and all their research, or even a combination of Infotech and Tymans Group expertise.

I aim to improve your IT Department systematically, using the best-practice operational guides of my professional consulting company in key areas, respecting your people and your company culture. My consulting company offers expertise to improve your business.

Gert Taeymans

Owner, IT Consultant
  • Sandra

    Tx for all the efforts done! Great Job! And good luck for the ones amongst you that still need to work tomorrow Grtz Sandra VB
  • Patrick A

    Hi Gert, I'm busy documenting .... Thanks for your real friendly and careful, yet effective support :-) Patrick A.
  • A CIO

    Yet again Gert, Thanks for handling this in such a top way!
  • A Sales Manager

    Awesome Gert, I will let the team know we can close this issue!
  • Lucie VH

    During my vacation, Gert took over the management of a number of ongoing problems. Even before I actually left for my trip, he took action and proposed a number of improvements. Gert coordinated between the different stakeholders and PTA's and resolved a number of acute issues. And he did this in a very pleasant, yet effective way.

  • After a successful DRP

    Grateful product owner after a successful Disaster Recovery exercise

  • Dawn

    No worries. It only freaked me out for a few minutes, then I saw that the system had blocked them from doing any real damage. Thanks for the cleanup and extra measures, though! As always, you rock!

Tymans Group is an Industry Advisory Partner with Info-tech

What does that mean to you?

Access to over 130 analysts, a wealth of experience and guidance, by people who have been in the business for a very long time.
That, coupled with our almost 30 years of field experience in IT management and operations.

We mean well by you. I've been in this business for several decades and my goal is to help you. 

All new Customer Value Creation Contribution©

We are proud to announce our new Customer Value Creation Contribution©, or CVCC© in short. It enhances and possibly replaces the BIA (Business Impact Analysis) process with a much simpler way. More info to follow shortly. In the meantime, please contact us for this.

Tymans Group teamed up with Info-Tech to get you better research than anyone.

And we have the data to prove it.

We use role-based taxonomy through our consultancy, online and offline, to get access to 100's of IT and business topics.

We cover all the IT industry roles and expand the appropriate methodologies into the business realm to give your company a holistic approach.


Leadership, Strategy, Value & Performance

Infra and Operations

EUC, I&O processes, Networks and Datacenter, Operations

Enterprise Architecture

Data and Business Intelligence, Strategy & Operating Model


Application Development, Business Processes, Enterprise Applications

Project & Portfolio Management

Project Management Office, Requiremetns or Backlog, Value & performance

Data & Business Intelligence

Data Management & Governance, Enterprise information management


Security Risk, Strategy & Governance

Vendor Management

Evaluation, Strategy

Risk Management

Processes to help you safeguard your value creation
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