Project Management

Right-size the project management body of knowledge for all your IT projects.

Understand how to structure your projects to support the business strategy. 

Portfolio Management • Project Management • Requirements Gathering

The challenge

  • Ill-defined or even lack of upfront project planning will increase the perception that your IT department cannot deliver value because most projects will go over time and budget.
  • The perception is those traditional ways of delivering projects via the PMBOK only increase overhead and do not have value. This is less due to the methodology and more to do with organizations trying to implement best-practices that far exceed their current capabilities.
  • Typical best-practices are too clinical in their approach and place unrealistic burdens on IT departments. They fail to address the daily difficulties faces by staff and are not sized to fit your organization.
  • Take a flexible approach and ensure that your management process is a cultural and capacity fit for your organization. Take what fits from these frameworks and embed them tailored into your company.

Our advice


  • The feather-touch is often the right touch. Ensure that you have a lightweight approach for most of your projects while applying more rigor to the more complex and high-risk developments.
  • Pick the right tools. Your new project management processes need the right tooling to be successful. Pick a tool that is flexible enough o accommodate projects of all sizes without imposing undue governance onto smaller projects.
  • Yes, take what fits within your company from frameworks, but there is no cherry-picking. Ensure your processes stay in context: If you do not inform for effective decision-making, all will be in vain. Develop your methods such that guide the way to big-picture decision taking and support effective portfolio management.

Impact and results 

  • The right amount of upfront planning is a function of the type of projects you have and your company. The proper levels enable better scope statements, better requirements gathering, and increased business satisfaction.
  • An investment in a formal methodology is critical to projects of all sizes. An effective process results in more successful projects with excellent business value delivery.
  • When you have a repeatable and consistent approach to project planning and execution, you can better communicate between the IT project managers and decision-makers.
  • Better communication improves the visibility of the overall project activity within your company.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Get started.

Read our executive brief to understand why you should tailor project management practices to the type of projects you do and your company and review our methodology. We show you how we can support you.

Lay the groundwork for project management success

Assess your current capabilities to set the right level of governance.

  • Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects – Phase 1: Lay the Groundwork for PM Success (ppt)
  • Project Management Triage Tool (xls)
  • COBIT BAI01 (Manage Programs and Projects) Alignment Workbook (xls)
  • Project Level Definition Matrix (xls)
  • Project Level Selection Tool (xls)
  • Project Level Assessment Tool (xls)
  • Project Management SOP Template (doc)

Small project require a lightweight framework

Increase small project's throughput.

  • Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects – Phase 2: Build a Lightweight PM Process for Small Initiatives (ppt)
  • Level 1 Project Charter Template (doc)
  • Level 1 Project Status Report Template (doc)
  • Level 1 Project Closure Checklist Template (doc)

Build the standard process medium and large-scale projects

The standard process contains fully featured initiation and planning.

  • Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects – Phase 3: Establish Initiation and Planning Protocols for Medium-to-Large Projects (ppt)
  • Project Stakeholder and Impact Assessment Tool (xls)
  • Level 2 Project Charter Template (doc)
  • Level 3 Project Charter Template (doc)
  • Kick-Off Meeting Agenda Template (doc)
  • Scope Statement Template (doc)
  • Project Staffing Plan(xls)
  • Communications Management Plan Template (doc)
  • Customer/Sponsor Project Status Meeting Template (doc)
  • Level 2 Project Status Report Template (doc)
  • Level 3 Project Status Report Template (doc)
  • Quality Management Workbook (xls)
  • Benefits Management Plan Template (xls)
  • Risk Management Workbook (xls)

Build a standard process for the execution and closure of medium to large scale projects

  • Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects – Phase 4: Develop Execution and Closing Procedures for Medium-to-Large Projects (ppt)
  • Project Team Meeting Agenda Template (doc)
  • Light Project Change Request Form Template (doc)
  • Detailed Project Change Request Form Template (doc)
  • Light Recommendation and Decision Tracking Log Template (xls)
  • Detailed Recommendation and Decision Tracking Log Template (xls)
  • Deliverable Acceptance Form Template (doc)
  • Handover to Operations Template (doc)
  • Post-Mortem Review Template (doc)
  • Final Sign-Off and Acceptance Form Template (doc)

Implement your project management standard operating procedures (SOP)

Develop roll-out and training plans, implement your new process and track metrics.

  • Tailor Project Management Processes to Fit Your Projects – Phase 5: Implement Your PM SOP (ppt)
  • Level 2 Project Management Plan Template (doc)
  • Project Management Process Costing Tool (xls)
  • Project Management Process Training Plan Template (doc)
  • Project Management Training Monitoring Tool (xls)
  • Project Management Process Implementation Timeline Tool (MS Project)
  • Project Management Process Implementation Timeline Tool (xls)



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