Quality Management

Be proactive; it costs exponentially more to fix a problem the longer it goes unnoticed.

Organize how IT delivers the most business value.

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Drive efficiency and agility with right-sized quality management

The challenge

  • According to Info-Techs research, most companies feel that IT quality management is essential, but only a small minority has implemented it.
  • The business requires your IT staff and organization to deliver high quality. But if we as leaders are ineffective at quality management, how can they do their job?
  • There is a tendency by IT leaders to leave quality at the level of process owners, functional areas, and other segmented facets of departments.
  • The business challenges the CIO to be innovative, agile, and cost-effective. You cannot do that without stable operation, accountable staff, and business support. That is what IT quality management delivers.

Our advice


  • It would help if you gave quality management more attention than you may give it now. Quality is not the result of random events or happens by itself. It would be best if you took action to achieve it.
  • Quality is holistic. Via centralized accountability, you can align inconsistencies and focus IT on the common goal.
  • You achieve quality achieved through accountability. Your staff must have clearly defined roles and responsibilities and be on the hook for the outcome.

Impact and results 

  • Focus on the positive outcomes of high quality. Our quality management methodology promotes innovation, agility, lower costs, and better operations.
  • We help you to develop your fully functional QA program in four steps:
    • Position your initiative holistically to encourage buy-in and unite IT around a common quality vision. Create a center of excellence to build and support it and monitor the progress.
    • Your quality management process must be fit for purpose.
    • Fully use change management techniques to increase adoption and alleviate challenges.
    • Continuously improve your quality management processes to ensure that your IT organization keep delivering high-quality services and developments to your business.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Get started

Our concise executive brief shows you our unique approach to quality management. We'll show you our methodology and the ways we can help you in handling this.

Position your initiative

Hold a workshop to focus your initiative around business needs and concrete targets. Create quality champions to embed quality thinking into your organization.

  • Drive Efficiency and Agility with a Fit-for-Purpose Quality Management Program – Phase 1: Position the Quality Program (ppt)
  • Quality Management Program Charter (doc)
  • Quality Management Capability Assessment and Planning Tool (xls)
  • Quality Management Roadmap (doc)


Define clearly the outcomes you expect and design standard templates that focus your IT department on quality.

  • Drive Efficiency and Agility with a Fit-for-Purpose Quality Management Program – Phase 2: Build a Quality Program (ppt)
  • Quality Management Quality Plan Template (doc)
  • Quality Management Review Template (xls)
  • Quality Management Dashboard Template (xls)


Evaluate your department for change readiness. Launch your initiative at the right time and in the right way to transform IT quality.

  • Drive Efficiency and Agility with a Fit-for-Purpose Quality Management Program – Phase 3: Implement the Quality Program (ppt)
  • Quality Management Communication Plan Template (doc)
  • Quality Management Readiness Assessment Template (xls)


Operate your center of excellence to support the departments in continuously achieving high quality.

  • Drive Efficiency and Agility with a Fit-for-Purpose Quality Management Program – Phase 4: Operate the Quality Program (ppt)
  • Quality Management User Satisfaction Survey (doc)
  • Quality Management Practice Area Assessment and Planning Tool (xls)
  • Quality Management Capability Improvement Plan (xls)


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