Enterprise Architecture

Design an enterprise architecture strategy.

Organize how IT delivers the most business value.

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Demystify enterprise architecture value with key metrics.

The challenge

  • An often-heard complaint is that architects make up their mind once the solution is already put in place.
  • Enterprise architecture (EA) value is often challenged.
  • The CIO asks the EA team to demonstrate their value to the company.
  • You may have an IT strategy but no EA strategy.
  • The business partner wants to move forward with specific features and epics that add value while ignoring the overarching design's value.
  • Ignoring this helicopter view results in poor technology investments and massive technical debt.
  • Ignoring EA also limits your company's ability to move to more agile practices, causing them to fall behind on rapidly changing technologies.

Our advice


  • EA can deliver significant value to the organization. The EA team needs to show their contribution to the business value creation chains, based on the operating environment and the business strategy.
  • When you anchor your EA strategy in the business value proposition, you will support the organization's strategy and deliver value.

Impact and results 

  • Create your EA value proposition based on the business values and the business strategy. Clearly articulate your contributions.
  • Establish the vision, mission statement, goals, and objectives you need to deliver on the promised value proposition. Communicate these fundamentals.
  • Identify the services you need to provide so that your company fully benefits from your team.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Get started

Our concise executive brief shows you why you should create an enterprise architecture (EA) strategy in your company. We'll show you our methodology and the ways we can help you in handling this.

Define your EA value proposition

Identify all your stakeholders and their needs. Identify the pains that prevent those needs from being addressed. Articulate your set of promises that show the value of your proposition.

  • Design an Enterprise Architecture Strategy – Phase 1: Value Proposition (ppt)
  • Stakeholder Power Map Template (ppt)
  • PESTLE Analysis Template (ppt)
  • EA Value Proposition Template (ppt)

Define your EA fundamentals

Base your EA fundamentals on your value proposition to guide the future of the company.

  • Design an Enterprise Architecture Strategy – Phase 2: EA Fundamentals (ppt)
  • EA Goals and Objectives Template (xls)
  • EA Principles Template – EA Strategy (ppt)

Define your enterprise architecture (EA) service design

Define what services you need to provide to the organization to maximize its value creation.

  • Design an Enterprise Architecture Strategy – Phase 3: EA Service Design (ppt)
  • EA Service Planning Tool (xls)

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