Organizational Change Management

Master organizational change management.

If you don't know who is responsible for organizational change, it's you.

The challenge

  • Organizational change management (OCM) is often the weak point for IT departments and business units. That puts the delivery of large, complex, and transformational projects at risk.
  • When large projects or reorganizations happen without and OCM, the likelihood that they will fail increases significantly.
  • Typically the root cause is a lack of accountability. Who in the company is accountable for change management success? In the absence of an OCM leader, the project management office needs to step up.
  • Crafting an OCM strategy and toolkit that ensures successful project deliverables to the business may well fall to you.

Our advice


  • We see two root causes for low stakeholder adoption of changes:
    • Project planning fixates on technology and neglects behavioral and cultural factors.
    • Undefine accountability for organizational change management
  • Soft-skills are in high demand here. Persuading people requires empathy and several other "people-skills." But do not mistake soft for "easy." Managing the people part of change is a tough job and requires comfort and competency with fluctuations, uncertainty, and conflict situations.
  • Transformation is much more than a buzz-word these days. More and more, it is becoming the new normal. Agility and change can be useful but you need to manage the basics properly, lest change devolves into volatility.

Impact and results 

  • Plan for human nature by facilitating the non-technical aspects of organizational change. Be mindful of emotional, behavioral, and cultural factors that influence stakeholder resistance or support and user adoption.
  • Embed OCM into your project management practice. Address OCM areas from the start of your projects and manage them actively throughout your projects' lifecycle.
  • Equip your project managers with the right tools to foster adoption. Effective organizational change management requires a toolkit that helps to get organizational change off the ground. With the right tools and templates, the PMO can act as the rock in the branding for change. 

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Get started.

Read our executive brief to understand how implementing OCM through your PMO department may improve project outcomes in your company. We show you how we can support you.

Prepare the PMO for change leadership

Assess your company's readiness for change and evaluate current PMO capabilities.

  • Drive Organizational Change from the PMO – Phase 1: Prepare the PMO for Change Leadership (ppt)
  • Organizational Change Management Capabilities Assessment (xls)
  • Project Level Assessment Tool (xls)

Plant the seeds for change

Get your stakeholder engaged and ready for change through effective communication and transition.

  • Drive Organizational Change from the PMO – Phase 3: Facilitate Change Adoption Throughout the Organization (ppt)
  • Stakeholder Engagement Workbook (xls)
  • Transition Plan Template (doc)
  • Transition Team Communications Template (ppt)

Establish a post-project benefits process

Determine accountability and establish benefits-tracking

  • Drive Organizational Change from the PMO – Phase 4: Establish a Post-Project Benefits Attainment Process (ppt)
  • Portfolio Benefits Tracking Tool (xls)

Solidify your PMO as a change leader

Build an OCM playbook at the PMO that contains the tools, processes, and tactics needed and right-sized for your company.

  • Drive Organizational Change from the PMO – Phase 5: Solidify the PMO's Role as Change Leader (ppt)
  • Organizational Change Management Playbook (doc)


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