Leadership, Culture and Values

Build your employee engagement program.

The challenge

  • Your talent pool determines IT performance and stakeholder satisfaction. You need to retain talent and continually motivate them to go the extra mile.
  • The market for IT talent is growing, in the sense that talent has many more options these days. Turnover is a serious threat to IT's ability to deliver top-notch service to your company.
  • Engagement is more than HR's responsibility. IT leadership is accountable for the retention of top talent and the overall productivity of IT employees.

Our advice


  • Engagement goes both ways. Your initiatives must address a real need, and employees must actively seek the outcomes. Engagement is not a management edict.
  • Engagement is not about access to the latest perks and gadgets. You must address the right and challenging issues. Use a systematic approach to find what lives among the employees and address these.
  • Your impact on your employees is many times bigger than HR's. Leverage your power to lead your team to success and peak performance.

Impact and results 

  • Our engagement diagnostic and other tools will help get to the root of disengagement in your team.
  • Our guidance helps you to avoid common errors and engagement program pitfalls. They allow you to take control of your own team's engagement.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Get started

Our concise executive brief shows you why engagement is critical to IT performance in your company. We'll show you our methodology and the ways we can help you in handling this.

Measure your employee engagement

You can use our full engagement surveys.

  • Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phase 1: Measure Employee Engagement (ppt)
  • Engagement Strategy Record (doc)
  • Engagement Communication Template (doc)

Analyze the results and brainstorm solutions

Understand your employees' engagement drivers. Involve your team in brainstorming engagement initiatives.

  • Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phase 2: Analyze Results and Ideate Solutions (ppt)
  • Engagement Survey Results Interpretation Guide (ppt)
  • Full Engagement Survey Focus Group Facilitation Guide (ppt)
  • Pulse Engagement Survey Focus Group Facilitation Guide (ppt)
  • Focus Group Facilitation Guide Driver Definitions (doc)
  • One-on-One Manager Meeting Worksheet (doc)

Select and implement engagement initiatives

Choose those initiatives that show the most promise with the most significant impact. Create your action plan and establish transparent and open, and ongoing communication with your team.

  • IT Knowledge Transfer Plan Template (xls)
  • IT Knowledge Identification Interview Guide Template (doc)

Build your knowledge transfer roadmap

Knowledge transfer is an ongoing effort. Prioritize and define your initiatives.

  • Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phase 3: Select and Implement Engagement Initiatives (ppt)
  • Summary of Interdepartmental Engagement Initiatives (doc)
  • Engagement Progress One-Pager (ppt)


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Leadership, Culture and Values

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