IT Organizational Design

The structure follows strategy; design your IT organization to match the business strategy.

The challenge

  • IT can ensure full business alignment through an organizational redesign.
  • Finding the best approach for your company is difficult due to many frameworks and competing priorities.
  • External competitive influences and technological trends exacerbate this.

Our advice


  • Your structure is the critical enabler of your strategic direction. Structure dictates how people work together and how they can fill in their roles to create the desired business value. 
  • Constant change is killing for an organization. You need to adapt, but you need a stable baseline and make sure the change is in line with the overall strategy and company context.
  • A redesign is only successful if it really happens. Shifting people into new positions is not enough to implement a redesign. 

Impact and results 

  • Define your redesign principles. They will act as a manifesto to your change. It also provides for a checklist, ensuring that the structure does not deviate from the business strategy.
  • Visualize the new design with a customized operating model for your company. It must demonstrate how IT creates value and supports the business value creation chains.
  • Define the future-state roles, functions, and responsibilities to enable your IT department to support the business effectively.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Get started

Our concise executive brief explains to you the challenges associated with the organizational redesign. We'll show you our methodology and the ways we can help you in completing this.

Define your organizational design principles and select your operating model

The design principles will govern your organizational redesign; Align the principles with your business strategy.

  • Redesign Your IT Organizational Structure – Phase 1: Craft Organizational Design Principles and Select an IT Operating Model (ppt)
  • Organizational Design Communications Deck (ppt)

Customize the selected IT operating model to your company

Your operating model must account for the company's nuances and culture.

  • Redesign Your IT Organizational Structure – Phase 2: Customize the IT Operating Model (ppt)
  • Operating Models and Capability Definition List (ppt)

Design the target-state of your IT organizational structure

Go from an operating model to the structure fit for your company.

  • Redesign Your IT Organizational Structure – Phase 3: Architect the Target-State IT Organizational Structure (ppt)
  • Organizational Design Capability RACI Chart (xls)
  • Work Unit Reference Structures (Visio)
  • Work Unit Reference Structures (pdf)

Communicate the benefits of the new structure

Change does not come easy. People will be anxious. Craft your communications to address critical concerns and obtain buy-in from the organization. If the reorganization will be painful, be up-front on that, and limit the time in which people are uncertain.

  • Redesign Your IT Organizational Structure – Phase 4: Communicate the Benefits of the New Organizational Structure (ppt)


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