Data Architecture

Modernize your data architecture for measurable business value.

Data is the building-block of your business intelligence.

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Enable the business to achieve operational excellence, client intimacy, and product leadership with an innovative, agile, and fit-for-purpose data architecture practice

The challenge

  • Data architecture projects are challenging. They may have failed in the past. And now your business views them as costly initiatives without a clear business case.
  •  New technologies force you to update your environment, but your company may not have defined appropriate data models and blueprints to do so.
  • Because the benefits of data architecture tend to be spread across the organization's information management systems and practices, the business may have difficulty understanding the benefits and necessity of data architecture.

Our advice


  • Enterprises and smaller companies are more and more data-driven. To support your company's closeby future state, you need a fit-for-purpose data architecture.
  • Data architecture is becoming a critical contributor to business value creation.

Impact and results 

  • Diagnose your current data architecture. Identify your future-state environment's capabilities to position your organization to maximize the data space's business value.
  • Use our program diagnostic assessment and guidance to develop your roadmap. Help your team to build a fit-for-purpose data architecture practice.
  • Help your business create a data architecture that supports the current needs and positions your company for the future.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Get started

Our concise executive brief shows you why you should modernize your data architecture. We'll show you our methodology and the ways we can help you in handling this.

Develop your data architecture vision

Base your vision on the business strategy.

  • Modernize Data Architecture for Measurable Business Results – Phase 1: Develop a Data Architecture Vision (ppt)
  • Modernize Data Architecture Project Charter (doc)
  • Data Architecture Strategic Planning Workbook (ppt)

Assess your data architecture capabilities

Use our diagnostic assessment tool to identify performance gaps.

  • Modernize Data Architecture for Measurable Business Results – Phase 2: Assess Data Architecture Capabilities (ppt)
  • Data Architecture Assessment and Roadmap Tool (xls)
  • Initiative Definition Tool (xls)

Develop your data architecture roadmap

  • Modernize Data Architecture for Measurable Business Results – Phase 3: Develop a Data Architecture Roadmap (ppt)
  • Modernize Data Architecture Roadmap Presentation Template (ppt)

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