Enterprise Application Selection and Implementation

Govern and manage an enterprise software implementation.

The challenge

  • Large scale implementations are prone to failure. This is probably also true in your company. Typically large endeavors like this overrun the budget, are late to deliver, or are abandoned altogether. It would be best if you manage your risks when starting such a new project.

Our advice


  • Large-scale software implementations continue to fail at very high rates. A recent report by McKinsey & Company estimates that 66% go over budget, 33% over time, and 17% delivered less value than expected. Most companies will survive a botched implementation, but 17% threatened the existence of the company involved.
  • With all the knowledge sharing that we have today with oodles of data at our disposal, we should expect IT-providers to have clear, standardized frameworks to handle these implementations. But projects that overrun by more than 200% still occur more often than you may think.
  • When you solicit a systems integrator (SI), you want to equip yourself to manage the SI and not be utterly dependent on their methodology.

Impact and results 

  • You can assume proper accountability for the implementation and avoid over-reliance on the systems integrator.
  • Leverage the collective knowledge and advice of additional IT professionals
  • Review the pitfalls and lessons learned from failed integrations.
  • Manage risk at every stage.
  • Perform a self-assessment at various stages of the integration path.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Executive Summary

Determine the rations for your implementation

See if a custom-of-the-shelf process optimization makes sense.

  • Storyboard: Govern and Manage an Enterprise Software Implementation (ppt)


Determine the right (level of) governance for your implementation.

  • Large Software Implementation Maturity Assessment Tool (xls)
  • Project Success Measurement Tool (xls)
  • Risk Mitigation Plan Template (xls)

Plan and analyze

Prepare for the overall implementation journey and gather your requirements. Then conduct a stage-gate assessment of this phase.

  • Project Phases Entry and Exit Criteria Checklist Tool (xls)
  • Project Lessons Learned Document (doc)

Design, build and deploy

Conduct a stage-gate assessment after every step below.

  • Make exact designs of the software implementation and ensure that all stakeholders and the integrator completely understand.
  • Build the solution according to the requirements and designs.
  • Thoroughly test and evaluate that the implementation meets your business expectations. 
  • Then deploy

Initiate your roadmap

Review your dispositions to ensure they align with your goals. 

  • Build an Application Rationalization Framework – Phase 4: Initiate Your Roadmap (ppt)
  • Disposition Prioritization Tool (xls)

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Enterprise Application Selection and Implementation

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