Your IT to perform better and more resilient.

Discover and implement all the ingredients that make your IT perform fast and rock solid.

And BTW, what is the ONE thing to look for in a consultant? Passion!

What is resilience, and how do I become resilient?

Being IT resilient means that your IT operating environment can withstand or at least is prepared for any disruption. These can be planned, such as regular changes to the systems, applications, or even operational instructions, or unplanned, such as large or small incidents.

This resiliency means your business can keep moving forward, and your clients can continue consuming your services.

There are several components to IT resiliency. Click below, or scroll for the quick version.

Resilience Governance

Resilience governance is all about the Board and Exco oversight and ICT risk management you must have in place to guarantee client services.

Resilient Operatons & IT

Resilient operations implement the policies, guidelines, and instructions set forth by the governance. This is where the rubber hits the road. This is where your IT systems and Operations ensure your clients can access your services, no matter what.

Resilience testing

Resilience is not a paper exercise. You must actually test your strength against adverse events. 

Resilience proof

Stating that you are resilient is one thing; you must be able to prove your resilience according to various regulations, and most notably, you must show and prove it to your clients. 

How can Tymans Group help you?

Our Resilience Pack helps you on your way

This pack contains the DIY guides that have helped many managers, specialists, business owners and even other consultants successfully implement what is needed to make your business resilient and your IT performant. You can do this! And where needed, you can get extra help from us.

TY as your advisor

This gives you our expertise on tap. You have an issue? Call us. You want to have a sparring partner to solve a problem? Call us. You are in need of a sounding board? Call us.
It is an ideal companion to our Resilience Pack.

Focused Consulting and Implementing

This is where you have our undivided attention and we work with you one on one until resolution. Note that there is a waiting period for this service at this time.

What our clients tells us


Tx for all the efforts done! Great Job! And good luck for the ones amongst you that still need to work tomorrow Grtz Sandra VB

Patrick A.

Hi Gert, I'm busy documenting .... Thanks for your real friendly and careful, yet effective support :-) Patrick A.

Lucie VH

During my vacation, Gert took over the management of a number of ongoing problems. Even before I actually left for my trip, he took action and proposed a number of improvements. Gert coordinated between the different stakeholders and PTA's and resolved a number of acute issues. And he did this in a very pleasant, yet effective way.


No worries. It only freaked me out for a few minutes, then I saw that the system had blocked them from doing any real damage. Thanks for the cleanup and extra measures, though! As always, you rock!

After a successful DRP

Thanks for all the efforts done ans special Tx Gert for Coordinating this again!


Yet again Gert, Thanks for handling this in such a top way!

A Sales Manager

Awesome Gert, I will let the team know we can close this issue!

Benefits of working with Tymans Group

We focus on actual deliverables

TY delivers on the what and the how. Get actionable IT, management, governance, and productivity research blueprints with templates, easy-to-use tools, and clear instructions to help you execute effectively.

Get insights from top IT professionals

Our 30,000-strong TY|Infotech member base constantly informs us about our research and validates it through thousands of client experiences yearly. TY adds to that by applying this research to real-world situations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and the US.

Data-driven insights

It is tempting to use your gut instinct. Don't. Everything TY does, together with Infotech, is data-driven. From our research to our interactions with you, we use an analytical approach to help you move forward with your key IT projects.

You can have access to world-class analysts

Extend your team with analysts who cover every aspect of IT management and governance. Bring in our expertise and dig deep to uncover the biggest IT challenges and solve them.


  • Editable

    All our DIY guides consist of high-quality PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Visio documents guiding your through every step you need to take to achieve your goal.

  • Practical

    Our content is immediately applicable because we provide you with exact steps to take so that you can implement the solution to your IT situation.

  • Details and Presentations

    Many of the guides contain both the implementation details, as well as presentation materials, where appropriate, for management. 

  • Do it yourself

    The implementation guides allow you to use your own staff to implement all the required steps.

  • Phone and Online support

    You can add TY consulting-on-tap support to your guide for an additional fee. This support includes your specific questions about the topic. It may require us to deep-dive into your specific situation, affecting the price. Contact us to discuss.

  • Guided implementations

    Should you want more comprehense help, then we offer guided workshops on most of the guides. This is a more expensive addon, where TY connects you with one or more specialist analysts who guide you through the process. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Does this work for less than 25 employees?

Resilience is not size-dependent. That said, if you are supplying critical services to financial services firms, you may not have a choice. In that case, be prepared to up your game. Call TY in this case. We can help you fulfill third-party requirements, such as the DORA regulation.

In other cases, if you plan to grow your company beyond 25 employees, then yes. Start with the basics through. Make sure you have a good understanding of your current challenges. 

If you are just starting out and want to ensure that your company's processes are correct right out of the gate, it's better to give me a call so that we can start you off in the right direction without spending too much.

I'm a small business owner, can I do all this by myself?

See also the above question about company size and target clients. If you have fewer than 25 employees and you are not supplying critical services to financial institutions, then maybe some of our guides are not for you. We can still help you organize your resilience, but it may be more cost-effective to use only our TY Advisor services.

Once you grow beyond 25 employees, you will benefit from our processes. Just implement what you need. How do you know what you need? You probably already have an inkling of what is lacking in your organization. If you are unsure, please get in touch with us.

In short, the answer is yes, and TY can help you. Once you know what you are looking for, that guide will allow you to handle it yourself. If you need help selecting the right guide, please get in touch with us.

Do you provide refunds?

Before buying the DIY guides, please check out the free Executive Summary when available. If there is no Executive summary available, please contact me with any questions you have. 

As these are downloadable products, I cannot provide any refunds, but I will help you with any exchange where you have a good reason. 

I bought the wrong item

If you bought the wrong item, please contact me and we'll be happy to provide an alternative item.

I want more assistance

Yes, more assistance is available.  Tymans Group can provide you with per-guide assistance or work with you on an overall strategy.

Per-guide assistance ranges from a single phone or video consultation to guided implementation or workshop> Alternatively we can go to do-it-for-you implementation or even full-time consulting.

Pleqase contact me for a talk.

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