The Ultimate Guide to Solving Incidents

Solve your incidents faster and better and keep your customers happy!

In any company, in any process, in any system, sooner or later things go wrong. Be it in information technology, in a business process, in a building.

Outages all costs money and effort and resources. Use this guide to get your Incident Management to a higher level. Get all your people working together to solve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. And save money in the process. Every Day Again.

The guide

This guide and workbooks and live coaching, should you want live coaching, take you step by step through the whole process of solving incidents. I give you precise instructions on even recognizing that you have an incident (where you may have thought the event was business as usual) and then what the exact process steps are to solve it. Of course, I do not know your business. You do. But I do know how to solve incidents. I’ve doing that in various capacities for the past 30 years

The key to getting back up and running after something went wrong is to know first of all that something has happened. Sounds obvious, and yet this already where it goes wrong in so many cases and companies. In other words from the very beginning, people and processes may be looking in the wrong places, or worse, not looking at all while your clients are not getting the service they deserve.  So, you need to get back up and running as quickly as possible, without making more problems in other processes.

What is in it for me?

You know your business best and you know the price of not delivering your service. You know your company has the potential to do better! But every other clasic approach has failed: too boring, too dogmatic, "management by Excel", whatever the reason, you feel you need something new! Be the one in your company to make it happen and reap the benefits.

What does an incident cost me?

Losing time when several of your people are chasing incidents without a solid and practical plan to guide them makes you lose money. Gartner found in 2014 that on average the cost of outage for an mid-sized company is $5600 PER MINUTE. That is staggering! But it is obviously just an average. A more recent report from Ponemon found in 2016 that that number had risen to almost $9000 Per Minute. A typical mid-sized company may spend up to $1 Million per year on incident management.

Even in small companies, the costs are significant. An industry standard number used by Atlassian for small companies is $427 PER MINUTE.
That translates quickly to over $5,000, even if you manage to solve the thing in less than 15 minutes.

Are you feeling particularly lucky or hopeful? Then let me remind you: Hope is not a strategy.

Our way turns hope into a PLAN.

What do I get with that?

  1. What is an incident?
    Here I explain the different forms an incident may take. And we’re not just talking Information technology or computers. We also look at business incidents.
  2. What is business case to do incident handling?
    Typically, the business looks at incidents as an annoying, but business-as-usual. Your company may not even know the true cost of their incidents. Let's find out!
  3. What is the Lifecycle of an incident?
    What stages does the incident go through from detection to resolution? And what do ned to pay attention to? Hint, it may not be your KPI’s
  4. Build up your Service Levels!
    How fast do you need to solve your incidents and what about special cases?
  5. Build your knowledge base
  6. Build your Incident communications plan
  7. People, your key!
    They are your key resources. We all say that…. But do you treat them like that too? Are the right people in your organization handling your cost heavy interruptions? And are you getting in their way to solving the money drain problem?
  8. How to pull it together (your organization)
    How do you start to deal with and solve an incident
    Even the best team in the world cannot do its job without a good organization and a plan. Find out how best to make Incident management and some of its sister jobs  fit the culture of your business.
    You also receive guidance on how to deal with Major incidents as they need a bit more massaging.
  9. How to do a real Post Mortem
  10. Sample Performance Indicators

All of the above in presentations and video and audio.

We have an upgrade to get more calls with Gert to receive more specific guidance. If needed or wanted, we discuss if you want to take things even further.

We have a corporate upgrade if you want to use the presentations inside your company as training material as long as you keep some branding intact. That alone will save you days or even weeks of work when you want to bring the rest of your company up to speed on how it’s done in reality.

My Guarantee to You

I guarantee you actual insights into how incident management works in real life, based on best practices etc, but with real practical guidance by someone who’s been in senior management and in the trenches for 30 years.

And every time the you-know-what hits the fan, they call me to sort it out. So Yes, I’m with you! I guarantee you this is the stuff I do myself to get my clients out of serious trouble again and again.

Existing and new clients come back and again to me to get them through sticky situations and complex changes and incidents and problems. With my private clients, problems assigned to me get solved. I even get asked to give input or write the control framework policies for these and other activites within the company.

Not to mention the no-questions-asked 90-day money back guarantee.

Do I have time for this?

I'm not into the whole sign up TODAY!!! thing. (Unless of course the REAL timer is running out -- read on)  I just do not believe it and I do not think it is authentic; If you know me, you know I am all about being transparent.

This Early Bird deal was valid until May 31st 2021.

Today, until July 30th 2021, we have the Trailblazer deal. That means I have started compiling and recording the modules.

At the time of writing, that gives you a full 2 months to decide. You can also still get access to me to have your case included and discssed with me, but you'll need to use the upgrade.

Even a small company will make its money back even if only 1 incident is solved 10 minutes faster, or even if 1 incident is avoided because of the info in this guide.

In my honest opninion, this thing is worth at least $4500. Because it is long and gives you every single possible iteration? No. Simply because I know that when it comes to solving problems for my private clients (they spend about €200K per year with me — verifiable) this guide gives you what you need to know, and more importantly what you need to DO.

To get the best deal via this Trailblazer offering, fill out the form below and secure your place.

But... hang on there is MORE included with this deal!

You ALSO receive the Ultimate Guide to Problem Management

The Ultimate Guide to Problem Management

Why do I want to do that? Because I'm transparant. The REAL VALUE is solving the root causes of your incidents. The incident guide makes your incident managers fly through incidents and it reduces the time lost and money lost through faster time to resolve.

And THEN you get to the root causes. If you're wounded, you put a band-aid or a bandage if it is worse. You even go to the ER. But if you KEEP GETTING WOUNDED, you need to fix the underlying causes.

It does not matter if you suffer from many small different incidents or if the same issues keep cropping up. It does not matter if these are IT or computer issues or clients not paying, or documents that keep getting lost or deliveries that are going wrong. If a process keeps going wrong or many processes face hiccups, you need to get to the bottom of it.

The Ultimate Guide contains these modules:

  1. Why do we need problem Management?
    Well, part of the answer is already given here, but obviously we need to go deeper, so that you can explain to your team or your senior management.
  2. What is a problem?
    That may seem obvious, but the definition will differ from person to person, so you need to get everyone on the same page so that it can get solved.
  3. Understand is the Lifecycle of a problem
    You will understand the different stages a problem resolution goes through, from definition to done-and-done.
  4. Do Real Root Cause Analysis
    I give you different techniques to go deep into the issue and root our the real thing that you need to fix.
  5. Identify the solution
    Once you know the real cause, now you need to find the real solution.
  6. You have formulated and meybe even developed your solution: now implement it.
  7. Control your work
    It's like sience and cooking. The proof is in the eating. Check that your work has really fixed the problem.
  8. Define the right metrics
  9. Track your progress

So how do I sign up?

My timetable is very simple:

I compile this system starting June 1st, 2021.

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So, if you want these guides for only $1745 (+tax in EU only), sign up now. Once finished, each guide will retail for $3795 each (+tax in EU only).
You can even split the payment into 3 payments of just $600 (+tax in EU only) each. For this last option, click here.

I'm not asking you to sign today, but don't think too long, because this offer will disappear as of August 1st 2021.

How is all this delivered?

I deliver all this in presentations and video and audio and transscripts. All presentations in use in the guides are included. They are for your personal use only, unless you get the corporate upgrade.

We have an upgrade to get more calls with Gert to receive more specific guidance. If needed or wanted, we discuss if you want to take things even further.

We have a corporate upgrade if you want to use the presentations inside your company as training material as long as you keep some branding intact. That alone will save you days or even weeks of work when you want to bring the rest of your company up to speed on how it’s done in reality.

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