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Why you should get a High-clarity Server with Aimbetter

Data processing has come a long way since the dawn of the digital revolution. We’re moving our platforms to the cloud, private or public. Enterprise resource management (ERM), resource planning (ERP), and other systems are growing in complexity.

The days of simple database systems are also over. Today’s complex systems consist of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, queries and updates every minute of the day.

To handle this, you must have a scalable and reliable infrastructure and application landscape in place. 

The only way to handle this is to have a software solution in place that proactively monitors, detects issues, problems, bottlenecks, and more.

You want that system to help with root cause identification, give proper alerting, and even propose faster issue resolution options.

Highlights of the Aimbetter Performance Control Management Suite

The performance control monitoring (PCM) suite by Aimbetter handles the management of SQL Server database installations, including underlying and upstream components, such as Microsoft Server and IIS. PCM can manage both on-premise and cloud-based patterns.

Built with Microsoft technology, the solution provides complete visibility of your database environment via traditional interfaces, as well as on your mobile device. That allows you to ensure operational efficiency and business continuity. 

Our SaaS solution is easy to install and requires no local storage or computing resources. And, it guarantees the highest level of security via zero-trust, ISO-compliant access control.

  • Our dashboard enables rapid and comprehensive single-screen visibility of the organization’s database alerts and insight into performance problems.
  • You can quickly identify the source of performance issues, be they application code errors, database trouble, or at the operating system level like CPU, storage, or memory deficiencies.
  • The Aimbetter expert team provides you with continuous help desk and customer support services.
  • We help you to deliver maximum system performance and minimum downtime for your clients and users.
  • SQL Server DPM

    Read over 400 individual metrics

  • Windows Server

    Read over 100 core Windows server metrics

  • Internet Information Services

    Track 20 different network performance metrics

  • DBA Support

    A-Z assistance, 24/7

  • Manager App

    Work remote, even from your cell phone

    SQL Server Database Performance Manager (DPM)

    SQL Server Database Performance Manager (DPM)

    If you want to know how your service is doing, you have to monitor it. It's that simple. Aimbetter database monitoring tools give you the ability to monitor your organization's health and performance. We let you track queries to truly understand what is going on when you encounter slowness or other performance hogs like resource depletion.

    It's like having a dedicated top-level database engineer looking at your systems. Aimbetter uses advanced AI to analyze over 400 metrics at every level of the database. Yes, including schema structures. 

    The Aimbetter dashboard then presents you with the combined results in a single, easy-to-understand dashboard. Of course, it alerts you to any problems it detected and drills down immediately to the source of that problem.

    It allows you deep insight to start to improve your performance by clearly indicating the issues you need to repair. In addition, the Performance Control Monitor highlights security issues. It also offers full NOC (Network Operations Control) functionality so that you can proactively address any problems and improve your SQL operations.

    The Aimbetter system offers you:

    • Monitoring of over 400 core SQL database metrics
    • Analysis of all running queries for status, execution time, resource consumption, and many more. That allows you to prioritize anomalies.
    • Separate alerts based on customizable threat levels (low/medium/high).
    • Deliver alerts on 30+ SQL conditions and exceptions.
    • Readings retention for 30 days, proving all required data for real problem management.
    • User-friendly and single-click dashboard
    • Deep insight into your database query plan with CPU, client, and application commands.

    Windows Server

    Windows Server

    A Windows database can only perform as well as the weakest link in the chain. That includes the operating system and every other part of the infrastructure your database is running on. It does not matter how well you tune your database. If the other components are not in tune, you will not reach the best possible performance. I know that is harsh, but at Tymans group, we're all bout being honest and transparent. 

    The Aimbetter solution I'm proposing keeps track of over 100 Windows parameters and metrics critical to your infra performance. And that includes network, internet connections, CPU usage, storage, and memory levels. We help you get all these right and ensure your database is purring like a kitten.

    The dashboard alerts you to unusual patterns that occur in your system in real-time. That allows you to take corrective measures before anything serious happens.


    • System load or failures, IO failures immediately result in CPU or throughput issues. Our monitoring locates those OS parts that impact your performance.
    • We monitor all processes, services, and installations on your system, taking a snapshot of the CPU memory usage for later investigation.
    • Our system conducts WMI (Windows management instrumentation) analysis for performance.
    • Bonus features: We analyze Terminal Services and include the Operations Analyzer
    • Optional add-ons
      • Ransomware defense
        • Our monitoring system can detect attacks or indicate disrupted access. You will receive alerts on your cell phone!
      • Connectivity
        • Our system can track the actual connectivity between your database and networks, websites, and files to detect the famous "reconnect" incidents. Don't know what those are? Book a quick call, and I'll explain what they are and how to start to fix them.
        • Check the API connectivity between your systems and external systems like PayPal, external storage devices, blockchain services and other integrations.
        • Construct custom queries to check not just IT stuff, but business data, like a sudden drop in transactions, or sales. Monitor your business metrics.
        • This add-on ofers 50 connectivity targets, that cancan be enabled in relation to your specific needs.

    Internet Information Services

    Internet Information Services

    The webserver is the thing that makes or breaks your face to your online clients and prospects. It enables your visitors to interact with your services and products. It allows them to buy from you online. In this day and age, this is huge. If you are not available online, you lose out. Your web server also serves up services towards your staff and other internal users.

    That means, when something goes wrong, you need to respond quickly and fix it.

    Aimbetter gives you a full NOC view of your Internet Information Server (IIS) system. Enhance your service through better operational information, not just data!

    Our system tracks over 20 different network and application-level metrics to ensure you are alerted to any disruptions.


    • Monitor the important metrics
    • List every request, real-time analysis of error pages, slowdowns, and non-refreshing (stuck) pages.

    Aimbetter Database Admnistrator (DBA) Support

    Aimbetter Database Admnistrator (DBA) Support

     Aimbetter's experts combine deep experience in both database and computer systems. That means, combined with Tymans Group, we can support every element that makes your business tick.

    Aimbetter and Tymans Group have experience with thousands of servers in the cloud or local data center setups.

    We offer you any assistance you may require:

    • 24/7 SOS support
    • Full-stack, top to bottom service from monitoring to detecting, connecting, and responding to issues.
    • Expert DBAs at your service.
    • Possibility to formulate an annual performance plan.

    We are committed to your success. Why? When you become a client, your problems become our problems. You will tell others about us. Your experience with us is our prominent billboard.

    Manager App

    Manager App

    Remote is here to stay, and that means you want to take control with you on the go. The manager app brings the summary of alerts of the past hour to your cell phone.
    It has a secure interface that works as a NOC in your pocket. The app can work even while your device is turned off.
    Manager App is available free of charge for two users with any Aimbetter product or as a stand-alone product.


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