Digital transfomation will not wait.
Innovation is typically grown from your organization. Let it plant it's seeds and let it bloom into something beautiful.

Any company, large or medium or small, must know where it is headed. Once it knows that, the strategy is the way to get there. 

Innovation IT Governance • IT Management and Policies • IT Strategy • Performance measurement • Stakeholder Relations • Digital Data Ethics

Innovation is the at heart of every organization, especially in these fast moving times. It does not matter if you are in a supporting or "traditional" sector.  The company performing the service in a faster, better and more efficient way, wins.

The challenge

Innovation goes beyond IT, and yet IT can be a significant driving force to getting new ideas implemented into your organization.

The CIO is typically not seen as a strategic innovation partner. Even when your IT staff has new insights, they may not be valued partners to resolve business problems.

Our advice


IT can be a valued partner in bringing innovative ideas to the table and enhancing the business's value creation. Work with the business to drive new ideas to the table and into the Continuous improvement pipeline.

Innovation will also reduce shadow-IT as all partners see the value of the improvements and design IT brings to the company.

Impact and results 

  • Look at the business pains and let your staff try to solve them with new ideas or re-use existing solutions.
  • Arm your teams with proven techniques for identifying opportunities, let them work with the business partners to develop impactful solutions.
  • Use agile practices to build prototypes quickly and effectively
  • Allow for ideas to incubate so that when the time is right, you have a reservoir of theses to execute upon
  • The mature your innovation capabilities with an innovation process flow and program


The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to :

Launch the innovation

  • The Full Executive Brief

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  •  The 179 page Kick-Start IT-Led Business Innovation Storyboard – Phases 1-4 explanation
  • The innovation workgroup charter

Ideate your vision

  • How to Ideate: Kick-start Business-led innovation
  • The Idea document
  • The Idea reservoir tool

Prototype your ideas

You have to prototype ideas fast and get your users to give you feedback. find issues, find loopholes and fix them. that shows the exes in your company you know what you are doing and how it can increase the value proposition of your company

  • Phase 3 of the Innovation roadmap: the prototyping presentation
  • The prototyping workbook
  • The prototyping assessment

Mature it

Formalize your innovation process in a way that fits your culture, be it a program or an epic or a free-form structure that allows people to express their creativity. 

  • In phase 4 we mature the IT-led Business innovation.


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