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IT Risk management

Build your right-sized IT Risk Management Program.

Mitigation is about balance: take a cost-focused approach to risk management.

Tymans Group offers risk control consulting services focused on IT risk management and monitoring. As an experienced IT risk management company, we offer a practical and people-oriented approach to help your business mitigate and monitor IT risks. Read on to discover our solutions and to learn more about our IT risk management program that is suitable for you company.

The challenge of IT risk control

Risk is inherent in the activity. The risk of living is dying. We still want to live!

  • Risk is thus unavoidable. The real question then is: do you want to tackle risk head-on or leave it to chance?
  • Reduce "surprises" and get a handle on risk management using our methodology and IT risk management consultancy services. 

Our advice


Our IT risk control consultancy philosophy is that you do not need to implement every single control. Focus on your company's most significant risks and exposures and mitigate those.

  • IT risk is a business risk. Every IT risk has business implications. Make sure to share your IT risks with the business partners, as accountability lies with them.
  • Risk is money. You must know the financial implications of your risk exposures. This is relatively easy to quantify in regulated entities, but you must make intelligent decisions on what exposure may cost you in all other businesses.
  • The famous Donald Rumsfeld quote: "You don't know what you don't know." And that can hurt you, so go figure it out. Use a structured approach to bring hidden risks into the open.

Impact and results 

  • Don't leave IT risk to chance. Change your IT risk management processes into a formalized and ongoing operation and increase risk management success.
  • Take a proactive stance by fixing and addressing IT threats before they happen.
  • Fixing IT risks makes business sense. You have to involve senior managers and business stakeholders early to gain buy-in to focus on those risks that are most relevant to business outcomes.
  • In the end, accountability lies with the business units, so have them weigh in on the prioritization when it comes to risk response activities.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers, and consulting clients within the IT risk management program of our company have access to:

Get started

Understand why you should build a business-driven IT risk framework, and understand our four-step approach,

Review your IT risk fundamentals and governance

Know where you are in terms of your IT risk management, know your stakeholders, and build your governance framework.

  • Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 1: Review IT Risk Fundamentals and Governance (ppt)
  • Risk Management Program Manual (doc)

Identify and assess your IT risks.

  • Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 2: Identify and Assess IT Risk (ppt)
  • Risk Register Tool (xls)
  • Risk Costing Tool (xls)

Monitor, communicate, and respond to your IT risks, all of them.

Manage the maturity of your risk process and communicate the priorities to the business.

  • Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 3: Monitor, Communicate and Respond to IT Risk (ppt)
  • Risk Event Action Plan (doc)
  • Risk Report (doc)

Contact us to engage our IT risk control consulting services

Do you wish to engage Tymans Group’s risk management consultancy services? If so, we are happy to oblige and assist you. Our risk management consultancy services are available to all companies in Belgium; both online and offline. Contact us to engage our risk control service for your business through the contact form or book an online appointment to discuss any business management topic with CEO Gert Taeymans, such as corporate security management or external audit consultancy.

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