Problem management

Get to the root of repetitive incidents.

When you deal with large or repetitive incidents., you have a problem. Learn how to effectively deal with these and reduce the cost of doing business.

The challenge

Problem management is all about fixing root causes.

Getting in control is handled within problem management.

In problem management, you get to the real cause of incidents. You deal with the structural issues that underlie outages.

Our advice


  • A problem does not necessarily cause incidents. That does not mean it never will.
  • You can plan the solution to the issues. When you see those specific problems may cause trouble in the future, solve them.
  • When incidents have happened already, solve the underlying issue quickly.

Impact and results 

  • Problems are the real cause of subpar performance and reliability.
  • Develop your problem management workflow so that you resolve repetitive incidents.
  • Develop a standard operating procedure to add problems to the task list of your teams. It will reduce the incident volume and save you money throughout the support chain.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to:

Start here

Problem management: react and be proactive.

  • Problem Management Standard Operating Procedures (ppt)
  • Problem Manager (doc)
  • Problem management - Engage in proactive problem management. (ppt)
  • problem management communication deck. (ppt)

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