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Having clear incident management protocols within your company is important to help you deal with any incident which may occur. As an incident management consulting firm, Tymans Group is happy to offer advice and assistance. Thanks to our experience as an incident management firm, we can offer practical solutions which are people-oriented and based on extensive field-experience to provide your company with helpful solutions.

The challenge you face with incident management within your company

Incident management is all about fighting fires within your company, but fighting fires gives the impression you are not in control. Getting in control is handled within problem management, so we'll deal with that there. In incident management, you need to get in control of an acute situation which has arisen within your firm. You deal with the structural issues in problem management. Repetitive interruptions erode trust in IT, so it is important you deal with these structural issues in a timely manner.

The advice of our incident management consulting firm


  • During a crisis, stick to the chain of command. Who is in charge? Not you! The incident manager is in control.
  • Incidents cannot be planned. They happen! Your ability to deal with them is essential.

Impact and results 

  • Clearly define the role and profile of your incident managers.
  • Develop your incident management workflow so that incidents cost less money.
  • Link high-priority incidents and repetitive incidents to "problems."

The roadmap to effective incident management within your company

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within our consulting company’s incident management domain have access to:

Start here

Identify your most essential incidents

  • Incident Management – Phase 1: Identify and Manage Major/Critical Incidents (ppt)
  • Critical Incident Management SOP (doc)
  • Incident Severity Assessment Tool (xls)
  • Knowledgebase Article Template (doc)
  • Incident Manager (doc)

Problem management is included in this guidance!

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Discover our incident management solutions

Prepare your company for incidents which may occur at any time by setting up proper incident management and risk management protocols with clear guidelines. Our incident management consultancy firm’s CEO Gert Taeymans is happy to advise you on the matter and help you with any issues you encounter during a one-hour talk. Interested? Book an appointment online or contact us through the online form.


Incident Management Executive Brief

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Incident and problem Management

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