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Every company needs some change management. Both business and IT teams benefit from knowing what changes when.

The challenge

  • You want to speed up your change implementations to stay on par with your competitors.
  • You may have too many unauthorized or mismanaged changes, potentially even leading to outages.
  • Your development team, and even the business or product owners, may resist change management because they see it as slow and bureaucratic.
  • You or your staff may regard Infrastructural changes as different and different processes may guide both types.

Use our research to optimze IT changes and protect your systems, applications and your organization..

Our advice


  • ITIL is an instrumental framework, but it may be too rigorous for every type of change.
  • Agile and DevOps are not adverse to change management.
  • Design your change management process such that it is flexible enough to meet modern business demands, with many and frequent changes to IT systems and business processes.
  • Once you have a mature change management process and culture, you will experience a lower level of change-related outages, lower risk levels, and less formal approval points.
  • Ensure the availability of automated testing facilities.

Impact and results 

  • Design your change process with ITIL in mind, but make it flexible enough appropriate to your business.
  • A business-appropriate change process minimizes manual review and approval points. That does not mean reviews and approvals are not there! It means that the development processes (business and IT) have checks and balances built into them to minimize the risk of releasing something faulty in productions or minimize the wrong time.


The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to :

Start here

Formulate your strategy

Check the maturity of your change management processes and define what needs to change for your organization.

  • Optimize Change Management – Phase 1: Form Strategy (ppt)
  • Change Management Maturity Assessment Tool (xls)
  • Change Management Risk Assessment Tool (xls)

Build your core processes

Check the maturity of your change management processes and define what needs to change for your organization.

  • Optimize Change Management – Phase 2: Build Core Processes (ppt)
  • Change Advisory Board Charter (doc)
  • Change Manager (doc)
  • Change Management Process Library (multiple files)
  • Change Management Standard Operating Procedure (doc)

Build your support processes

By support processes, I mean the intake and change implementation processes.

  • Optimize Change Management – Phase 3: Build Support Processes (ppt)
  • Request for Change Form Template (xls)
  • Change Management Pre-Implementation Checklist (doc)
  • Change Management Post-Implementation Checklist (doc)

Build your implementation plan

Make sure to include planning for the transition, implementation, communication, metric evaluation, and make a roadmap to get there.

  • Optimize Change Management – Phase 4: Build Implementation Plan (ppt)
  • Change Management Roadmap Tool (xls)
  • Change Management Communication Plan (doc)
  • Change Management Program Executive Presentation (ppt)
  • Change Management Metrics Tool (xls)



Change Management Executive Brief

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