External Compliance

External audits are about measuring you; Do not play games, but be in control.

Take Control of Compliance Improvement to Conquer Every Audit

The challenge

  • Move from "must do" to "yes, and we should do it for our clients."
  • Make sure to include IT in the compliance discussions. Be aware of keeping accountability and responsibility with the business.
  • Be proactive in your approach to compliance and risk issues; Do not wait until an external body forces you to comply. Pre-emptive compliance is a marketing strength.

Our advice


  • Do not guess about external compliance. By all means, take calculated risks; that is what entrepreneurship is all about, but manage these risks.
  • Regulators want you to be in control; Ideally, to be fully compliant, but at least to have a committed roadmap.
  • Want to minimize the possibility of fines, have a clear and committed roadmap.

Impact and results 

  • Comply with regulations and laws and drive to compliance.
  • The regulatory landscape changes continuously. Make sure your business is aware and engaged with this. Always monitor your compliance gaps.
  • When you find non-compliant items, work with the business or product owner to address these. It is never a question of punishment or blaming: it is merely compliance with changing laws, public sentiment, or laws.
  • Confirm compliance through regular checks.

The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to :

Get started

Make the case and sell the compliance project or epic.

  • Storyboard: Take Control of Compliance Improvement to Conquer Every Audit (ppt)
  • Compliance Plan Template (doc)

perform the gap analysis

Identify where you are coùmpliant and where not.

Remediate your non-compliance gaps

  • Compliance Communication Plan Template (doc)
  • Document Management Template (doc)

Confirm compliance

Perform interviews and assure compliance.

  • External Compliance Interview Guide (doc)

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