Asset Management

IT Asset management is dynamic by nature. Create your own proactive program.

Asset management has a clear impact on the financials of your company. Clear insights are essential to keep your spending at the right level.

The challenge

  • Asset management is not about the auto-discovery of all your systems. 
  • It is about knowing what you have and what the financials are around owning the assets. Auto-discovery comes into play with Configuration management, not here.
  • Asset management focuses on other processes and life-cycle management and processes around procurement, running the asset, and decommissioning.
  • Asset management is a process where you need a process owner. The establishment of process management is like a project or epic, but the day to day is a real process.

Our advice


The real reason you want to use IT asset management is to strengthen your IT services. It is not about compliance. Compliance is an automatic side-effect of asset management.

Know what you run and what you bought. Configuration management can tell you what is running. Asset management ensures you are entirely in control of what you purchased. Bring these two together, and you can even pre-empt audits by your suppliers. Saves on the fines!

Impact and results 

  • Asset management is a massive undertaking. Break down the effort into manageable chunks.
  • Understand what the purpose is. Understand why you want to manage any given asset; Start from what the business needs are, and then select the level of asset management you need. 
  • Assets are anything you need to run your business: hardware, software, outsourced, or cloud services. They may need different teams to be managed but do define the data consolidation rules.
  • Align all participants that deal with assets so that they are part of the process.
  • Take it one step at a time. The mountain is big. Pace your efforts and use a structural approach.


The roadmap

Besides the small introduction, subscribers and consulting clients within this management domain have access to :

Get started

Don't be overwhelmed with your hardware. You may have several hundred or even thousands of hardware units. We'll guide you step by step on how to get them under control.

Read our compact executive brief on why you should implement asset management and our 4-step methodology.

  • Read our Implement IT Asset Management – Executive Brief (ppt)
  • Implement Hardware Asset Management – Phases 1-4 (ppt)
  • Implement Software Asset Management – Executive Brief (ppt)
  • Implement Software Asset Management – Phases 1-4 (ppt)

Hardware: Lay the foundations

Make sure you succeed.

  • Implement Hardware Asset Management – Phase 1: Lay Foundations (ppt)
  • HAM Standard Operating Procedures (doc)
  • HAM Maturity Assessment Tool (xls)
  • IT Asset Manager (doc)
  • IT Asset Administrator (doc)

Hardware: Procure and decommission

Have the right process in place to obtain, run, and decommission assets

  • Implement Hardware Asset Management – Phase 3: Maintain and Dispose of (ppt)
  • Asset Security Policy (doc)
  • Hardware Asset Disposition Policy (doc)

Hardware Plan your implementation

Choose a tool, set your budget, and then build the communication plan and roadmap for your implementation. 

  • Implement Hardware Asset Management – Phase 4: Plan Implementation (ppt)
  • ITAM Vendor Shortlist Tool (xls)
  • ITAM RFP Template (doc)
  • HAM Budgeting Tool (xls)
  • HAM Communication Plan (doc)
  • HAM Implementation Roadmap (xls)

Software: Lay the foundation: assess and plan

Look at what you have today and plan your implementation. 

  • Implement Software Asset Management – Phase 1: Assess & Plan (ppt)
  • SAM Maturity Assessment (xls)
  • SAM Standard Operating Procedures (doc)
  • SAM Budget Workbook (xls)

Software: Procurement, reception, and deployment

Define how you want your company to procure software

  • Implement Software Asset Management – Phase 2: Procure, Receive & Deploy (ppt)
  • SAM Process Workflows (multiple files)

Software: Build your supporting processes and tooling

Define how you want your company to procure software

  • Implement Software Asset Management – Phase 4: Build Supporting Processes & Tools (ppt)
  • Software Audit Scoping Email Template (doc)
  • Software Audit-Launch Email Template (doc)
  • ITAM RFP Scoring Tool (xls)
  • SAM Communication Plan (doc)
  • SAM FAQ Template (doc)
  • Software Asset Management Policy (doc)


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